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HermesJMS is an extensible console that helps you interact with JMS providers making it simple to publish and edit messages, browse or seach queues and topics, copy messages around and delete them. It fully integrates with JNDI letting you discover administered objects stored, create JMS sessions from the connection factories and use any destinations found. Many providers include a plugin that uses the native API to do non-JMS things like getting queue depths (and other statistics) or finding queue and topic names.

Look at the forums for common issues and if you work in finance then check out the FIX protocol support.

Due to spammer activity the forums are temporarily closed to new user registration, use JIRA for any issues.

Downloading and Webstarting

You can get the latest stable 1.14 version from Sourceforge or a recent build from HEAD. If you're using MacOSX then download the .dmg for better Mac support.

You can webstart a fully functional version of HermesJMS. Read the Installation instructions as it will write some local files. If you already have a 1.10 or later version of HermesJMS then it will use whatever existing configuration is in your .hermes directory. Webstart is a funny thing, it works for some and not others - hopefully it will work for you.

Launch JVM Notes
1.5+ is not loaded because of a classloading problem and Hermes does not interact with MacOSX as well as in the installed application


HermesJMS is and always will be free software but is licensed in a more commercially friendly way. I do have costs to pay to host the site and licenses for some of the (non-opensource friendly) tools I use. It would be nice if I could cover these with donations from happy users so if you feel inclined then please donate. Every few dollars, pounds or whatever is very welcome.

Reporting Issues

If you've got an issue browse the Forums first and maybe raise an issue in JIRA (you'll have to sign up for an account first to create issues). If you see an issue you want fixing, then please vote for it to help prioritize.

Project News

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HermesJMS has benefited from using tools and libraries from the following excellent people.

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